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For many years I worked as a User Support Specialist and Systems Admin for a number of small, then medium and then large companies. The futility of chasing bonuses from one cubical to another finally got to me in 2001, resulting in my cutting the cord and stepping into full time Technical Consulting.

Currently, I have a full schedule of commercial clients with enough help to allow my Wife and I to pursue our dream of International Volunteering. We have assisted in many countries around the world on volunteer projects for Jehovah's Witnesses.

Future Goals

I enjoy designing reliable systems and fixing things. I doubt I will ever leave the Technical field but would like to continue my Wife's and I's focus on Preaching and Volunteering in the Portland area and around the world.

Client Focus and Honest Communication

The single most important thing I have learned during my years as a Consultant is that having talent and skills are worthless unless you remember that you are offering a SERVICE. It is our goal to first listen to the client, evaluate the issues and honestly communicate the known solutions. I feel that many in the Technical field fail to ever learn this and so that is why they stay in the cubicles.
Give us a call and allow Global Consulting to assist you with your Technical issues.
Consistent Training

The Technology field moves a touch faster than the speed of business. The only way to stay current is to put in the time to study, evaluate and receive certifications for the current and future systems. This dedication to remaining current is a real price of being an expert in my field.
Beta Testing and Lab Work

All the book learning in the world means nothing if you have not actually done the work before. Beta testing allows us to understand the realities of a product, compensate for the lack of documentation and develop contingency plans. Having a onsite Lab in our Lake Oswego office, allows us to prepare and preempt our clients issues.

Full Service Shop

Global Consulting can resolve most all of your Technical issues. From Web Development, Project Management to data recovery we are trained and equipped to get your company up and working. We have strategic relationships with Programmers, Engineers and Translators to resolve even the most ambitious project.

Disaster Recovery & Project Management

A challenge is a opportunity for success. We have found much success in our challenges of disaster recovery and project management. You can rely on our honest evaluation and modesty when you are faced with a difficult transition. If we can't fix it, we can help you find the correct people.

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