J. S. Perrott & Company

J. S. Perrott needed to update their online presence to match their rapidly growing physical presence. Using a consultant you can trust means that you wont have to recreate the wheel when you need updates or changes.

Puddin' River Chocolates

Puddin' River wanted to expand their client base onto the Internet. Now they have clients all over the world.

Recent Website Clients


Website Design

"Web design is part SCIENCE and ART."

The SCIENCE part is centered around;
1. Identifying the different groups who'll use the site
2. Understanding and catering to their technical limitations
3. Quickly answering the important questions; "Can I trust them?", "Are they good at what they do?".

The ART portion of web design is based on creating a pleasing and clear information flow that will take your audience towards completing your goal for them.

Don't risk limiting your message with amateurs designers.

Professional Email Solutions

Your potential and current clients need to contact you. Using a "generic" email address could communicate a technical limitation.

Who would you rather contact?

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Tuscan Son

"With the release of my new book "Tuscan Son", I needed another conduit to highlight my story and newest creation. As a designer, I had a challenging vision including onsite ordering. Christopher was able to exceed this vision and stay within budget."

-Dino Parenti-


"I needed to move my small company to the next level. To reach this goal, I envisioned a website that would be informative, fun but still generate the return to expand my venture. Global Consulting did just that. With the huge success of SockMonkey.net, I am working on my next challenge."


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