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Advantages to Maintenance
Like Automobiles, the overall cost of owning computers can be controlled by keeping your systems maintained.
Virus infections and hard drive failure rates increase every year. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before any hard drive fails or loses data.
Control Your Office Network
For over a decade, Global Consulting has provided professional and reliable service to small/ medium businesses around the World.
Based in Portland, Oregon with clients around the NW our reputation is our most valuable asset.

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Hard Drive Concerns
As hard drive speeds and sizes have increased, so have their failure rates. Unfortunately, it is only a mater of time before any hard drive dies. Is your data prepared?

A recent Google investigation of 100,000 hard drives found that 56% of failures gave no warning at all. Data recovery can be expensive, when possible. Don't risk your company's longevity on a un-tested backup solution.


Threats to your Company
Your company is successful because you manage risks and seek opportunities. Don't let your computer systems risk your investment.

Minimize downtime and redundant labor by using an experienced Consultant.

Downtime due to system/network issues
Lost / Stolen data
Virus / Malware infection
Redundant labor

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